Room dividers have been used in offices for quite some time and they help office managers solve some critical office issues such as noise control and privacy related issues to help make the office more productive. Additionally dividers in an office can help create a space for each employee so they have a sense of ownership at work with their own section carved out in the office space.

Of course there are logistical benefits to setting up room dividers in your Ottawa office space but there are also ways of designing your room dividers in creative ways to make your office aesthetically pleasing and create a terrific design and layout to help decorate your office space.

For example, you can use some greenery in your office to add some colour and life in the office with plants and flowers. Adding some potted plants and small trees can make functional yet aesthetically pleasing room dividers to separate office spaces within your office.

Combine some smaller wall separators with some plants to create the division you are looking for that helps transform your office space into a modern design with a lot of Feng shui.

Another creative option is to use flexible wall separators that can be moved, removed, and extended. As opposed to permanent wall dividers, these temporary barriers can help create quick divisions in the office for impromptu meetings or new staff additions and then can be reorganized whenever needed to keep your office space design layout flexible and adaptable to any scenario.

Another popular trend that is extremely innovative is to use cross-functionality with your room dividers in your Ottawa office. These are temporary or even permanent barriers that serve two purposes. For example, creating a separating wall that accomplishes the division for noise reduction or privacy or office walk/work flow that doubles as a brainstorming board with a big white board or cork board for sticky notes during meetings and brain storming sessions.

These multi-purpose dividers are ways of accomplishing the functionality of reducing noise, maintaining privacy and more while at the same time creating an even more collaborative environment on the other side of the divider.

Regardless of the office space you are in, whether it is large or small or temporary, there are ways that you can strategically design your office interior to create private, noise-free spaces while at the same time creating an aesthetically peaceful and beautiful modern look that is functional, productive and fosters collaboration among your team.