If the mere thought of being at your workplace raises your anxiety levels, it might worth considering that your job may not be the problem. Our environment has a significant impact on our stress levels and well-being. By tradition, workspaces have lifeless places, with gloomy colour schemes and generic fixtures and fittings. But progressively more people are beginning to see that making a few adjustments to their environment can be astoundingly powerful.

You owe it to yourself, wherever you work, to make it is an enjoyable place to be in as much as possible. Stress is unhealthy and disadvantageous to productivity. Here ways to create a stress-free workplace, by changing simple details in the space around you.

Add some green

Many of the coolest offices are full of plants. By adding some green to your workspace, you can influence a remarkable impact on your stress levels. It will not only improve the air quality, but studies have proven that plants improve our psychological health. The effect is predominantly perceptible in office spaces, where plants are proven to increase productivity, reduce stress, and boost resilience.

Switch to a standing desk

Sitting all day is unnatural for the human body, and can produce some harmful results. Chances are particularly high for you spend the majority of your day sitting, if you work in an office. Opting a standing desk can improve heart health, reduce blood sugar spikes, alleviate back and neck pain, and boost your metabolism. Better health leads to less stress.

There are people who even swear by ‘squat desks’, which are low desks that enable them to work in a squatting position. This stance is said to improve hip mobility and general flexibility. Then there are the few hardcore enthusiasts among us, that go for treadmill desks on which they can walk as they work. These are highly unlikely to be practical in most office spaces.

Improve the light quality

Many office spaces are illuminated with fluorescent lights in an effort to reduce electricity bills. However, severe artificial lights are harmful to those who work beneath them and are also toxic to the environment. The risks include migraines, disrupted sleep, anxiety, and increased stress. Flickering lights and the buzzing sound they usually let off can be disrupting and glaring on the eyes too. Lowering levels stress at work is mainly about creating a setting that is as normal as possible and suits your biology. The best way to accomplish this is by exposing yourself to natural light.

If possible, try moving your workstation next a window and keep lights off during times when natural lighting is enough to work with. You can also try installing a specially designed light filter, which widens the light spectrum and alleviates the impact on stress levels. They are reasonably priced and can be found on Amazon or at fixture supply stores.


Placing an egg timer on your desk is probably the cheapest and easiest adjustment to make from this list. You can use the Pomodoro technique while working, to help keep you focused and to help get you through trying tasks. All you need to do is set your timer for 25 minutes and work on one task for the entire time. When the time is up, give yourself a 5-minute break. Repeat this and take a longer break after 4 sets.

The Pomodoro technique can not only help reduce stress, but also boost productivity. Taking regular, scheduled breaks can energize your mind, relax your eyes and empower you to get more done. Breaks also give you the opportunity to move around, grab some coffee and speak to your colleagues.

Lowering your stress levels at work is not a complicated task- a few small changes to your environment can create some tranquillity, even at the centre of a bustling city. A peaceful mind leads to improved work quality, enhanced creativity and more innovation.

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