The year is winding down as our minds wander through lunch menus, birthday parties, to-do lists, grocery shopping, family issues, vacations, and chores at home. It can sometimes be difficult to remain driven and energized at work, which can cause you to miss a high-profile call or project target date.

When all is said and done, your absolute goal is getting the job done.  Here are a couple of ways to remain on top of things at work, and possibly help you feel more at ease about your work-life stability.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Are you using all those files stockpiled at the corner of your desk, or referring to the numerous Post-It notes these are decorating your computer? Clutter gives rise to distractions, and leads you towards disorganization and inefficiency.  It can turn simple tasks into major calamities.  Before you start your workday, take a couple of minutes to scrutinize your desk and have a look what you can challenge first.

From time to time, you may have things in your “To Do” pile have already been completed.  All you need to do is file them away.  A tidy workspace will lead to a clearer train of thought and a more productive workday.  Once your bearings are set, it is remarkable to see the things that you can achieve.

Break Your Routine

Just like with your exercise routine, you need to change your office schedule every so often.  It stifles creativity It works on the same project daily.  Try switching up your workday by changing your duties.  Check your emails every 30 minutes instead of every two minutes.  Combine your daily tasks with prioritization and allocation.  Authorizing a member of your organization is an ideal way to mentor new leaders.

Try stretches and breathing exercises in your office to get the blood circulating and sparking innovative ideas for the office.  As an alternative to taking the elevator the entire way, walk a flight of stairs if time allows.  You can also choose a different route into the building once a week. By changing your repetitious routine today, you may gain a fresh perspective for tomorrow.

Expand Your Network

It is the time of year for those dreaded networking parties. Countless organizations offer functions during the holidays. Socialising with new people and potential clients will perhaps make that next cold call a little “warmer” or can acquire a better vendor for the company.

Set an Example

It is safe to say that no office environment needs a “Debbie Downer.”  Be stimulated and of good cheer despite the fact that those year-end deadlines are looming. Your mood is infectious, so have a good one. All being well, others will follow.

These are just a few ideas to get you refreshed and prepared for a new quarter, but more importantly, the new year full of great prospects and opportunities.  Remain focus, organized and effective.

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