Summer is here! And it’s slowly creeping away from us. You and your office mates find yourselves on too many occasions daydreaming over photos of summer holidays past, or staring longingly out the window or at that tropical desktop background.  Now it’s time for you to decide, do you want to continue to mope around? Or do you want to spice things up a bit to make the office in the summer time more enjoyable?

Whether your company is in an open workspace or large corporate building, you can find many ways to make summer time in the office less depressing. Here are a few tips get your office mates motived during the summer months.

Office Summer Playlist

Sometimes a little music is all you need. Have your colleagues or employees submit a list of their favourite tunes and make a playlist to be played throughout the office. You can also choose a suitable radio station with ambient music to be played lightly while you work. Be sure that everyone agrees with the music because not everyone likes to boogie down while they work.

Brighten Up Your Office Space  

It’s a proven fact that colours affect our mood, environment and even our work ethic. Introduce colourful stationery and suitable office décor to lighten the mood. Bringing fresh flower and plants into your space can also work wonders.

Work Outdoors

If it’s possible, encourage your employees to work in outdoor spaces. The fresh, warm air from an outdoor café or park next door can help boost creativity and productivity. You can also use your daily break time to walk around and enjoy the sunny weather.

Introduce Summer Weekends

Motivate your employees by allowing them to leave work early on Fridays or on the weekends. It boosts their morale and it has little to no costs. Flexible schedules in the summer are proven to boost productivity as well. So, feel free to give them the extra time to go camping or canoeing for the weekend.

Hold an Office Barbeque

It’s not hard to do. You can find an outdoor space or use the office, and have everyone bring their favourite dish to share. Play music and games to make it a real social event. The food can also be catered, but ensure that everyone is there to share the fun and bonding experience.

Change up the wardrobe

Everyone loves bright colours and floral prints in the summer time. Encourage your employees to find ways incorporate their favourite summer pieces into their work outfits. You can choose a special day to do this, or run it all summer long.

There’s no reason for you to be moping around the office for the summer. Include these tips along with your favourite parts of the season into your office space to help you enjoy the warm months because you don’t have to miss out on summer while you work.

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