Planning your office party for your team can be overwhelming, take a lot of time and become expensive. The benefits for staff morale and also the overall productivity are clear based on studies that show how productivity can dramatically increase when employees feel appreciated, recognized and have a break between projects and operations. While there are some clear benefits, the goal is of course to provide team members with a fun and entertaining company party while minimizing the effort and budget required to host the company party.

One thing to consider is to have more frequent, low cost yet fun parties throughout the year and not just big bashes during holidays. The bigger the bash then the bigger the budget. It may be a lot better to have several economical parties throughout the year as staff will look forward to them and because of the frequency of company parties the expectation for an over-the-top company party with all the bells and whistles will be less expected. There are many ways you can host a cheap company party without it looking cheap in presentation or entertainment.

The fastest and most affordable option for a company party is of course to host the party at your company office. When planning your company’s office design and furniture it is a good idea to consider your staff parties so that your furniture can be repositioned and repurposed to suit the needs of your parties. Things like utilizing a filing cabinet with a table cloth overtop can create a cocktail table on a budget.

If your office has a lunch room or a break room then it is a good idea to use your conference room instead for creating an elegant yet affordable buffet station. It is important to setup a “food room” outside of their traditional place that they eat lunch day in day out so that they have a break from this space. Turn your conference room tables into the perfect area for staff to grab some snacks and food from buffet trays and plates. You will be able to easily store trays and containers for reuse when you have future parties as well so these kind of purchases are one-off expenses that will continue to provide value and use.

In order to keep expenses down while providing the maximum amount of entertainment, turn your main office space into a dance floor. Add a few decorations and a little music to set the party mood and make sure to just keep it casual. When staff are in a friendly and welcoming environment they will be able to let loose a bit and strengthen their inter-work relationships. This ultimately will be able to foster greater team work and productivity will be able to grow when everyone returns to work.

There are millions of reasons to hold impromptu parties at your office and the reasons are not just limited to holidays or major company milestones. Try hosting monthly or bi-weekly staff appreciation days where you can have a casual staff party that lasts from an hour or two to an entire day blocked off depending what you think is best at the time and your budget.

At the end of the day, regardless of the reason and frequency, hosting staff parties at your office will save you tons of money compared to renting a separate venue. Use your office to the max and host your next company party at your office space instead. Do it frequently throughout the year and you are sure to experience some real benefits for your staff morale, productivity and of course your bottom-line.