It can be very tempting to move to a bigger office space in Ottawa as your business is growing and taking over the market. A larger office space can make your business more efficient, provide extra room for staff and storage as well as meeting spaces. It is important to make this move to a larger office at the right time to make sure you aren’t stunting the growth of your business by taking on too many expenses. Sometimes it can also be more beneficial to pick up another lease on a secondary office space rather than moving everything to one larger office space. As you can see the need for a bigger office really depend on your specific business circumstances and logistics.

For example, if you need more space for equipment and staff but you service customers on both ends of the city of Ottawa then it may make more sense to lease two offices on both ends of the city and dividing to conquer vs. getting a centralized large office space in only one location. But if you have several vehicles on the road and your services are mobile then a centralized office can be more beneficial so a bigger office in one location may make more sense.

When deciding and considering a bigger office space you should ask yourself some questions about your current office space and your business operations. Ask yourself what qualities and amenities you need and love about your current office space so that you can determine if the bigger office would have these and more or if they would be more readily available etc. This will help to create your Pros and Cons list that will factor into your final decision. Of course you will also want to ask yourself exactly how much it will cost and this is not just the actual office space costs but also the relocation costs. Before making a final decision you should ask if there are ways of reusing the space you have or re-purposing the space to better serve your business. Even if you find in the end that you can’t use or re-use your existing space, this exercise will help to identify the “must haves” for your new bigger office.

Perhaps the most important question at this point would be to ask yourself if this move will disrupt your business. Of course any move or relocation will cause some form of disruption but the goal here is to determine the level of impact that this disruption will have on your business and operations. If for example this move will cause a disruption to your business that causes you to lose half of your customer base then it would be best to consider alternatives like a secondary satellite office or a slower move spaced out over a period of time. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect office space in Ottawa for your business that causes the least amount of disruption for your business.

When considering different office spaces, if can really help to have someone on your side helping to create the Pros and Cons list. This is where our commercial office space agents really shine in helping you find the perfect office space in Ottawa at the right time that will cause the least amount of business disruption while getting your business into the perfect office to take your business to the next level.