With the passage of time, many business places have opted for open workspaces instead of the traditional private offices. Many businesses now use open workspaces, but as with most things in life, each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Private Offices

You may have your own office or cubicle, with walls and a door to afford you privacy for carrying out your daily tasks, making phone calls and handling confidential matters. The isolated space allows you to reduce disruptions throughout the day because it keeps your co-workers out of your private space unless they really need something. You are able to work productively and effectively, especially on projects demanding fixated attention.

Separate areas decrease noise levels throughout the entire office space. Conversations, phone calls and other sounds won’t flow through the entire space and sound-proofing gear helps to decrease this even further.

The downside to this isolation is that communication with your coworkers is hampered. You would need to leave your office, and go to theirs and spend time away from your workstation in order to collaborate. There will also be fewer chances to interact with other employees. When your interaction is limited to the same group every day, you miss out on chances to discover cross-departmental concepts.

Open Workspaces

With open workspaces, the barriers of cubicles and private offices are removed, and the arrangement resembles that of a large communal area. Chairs and workstations are re-positioned for the purpose of forming cooperative groups and encourage impromptu meetings between employees. You face little to no barriers to communication, so insights and feedback flow effortlessly.

Open work environments can fit more employees in the same space, so it’s more cost-effective than furnishing the building with private offices or cubicles. Your overhead costs also decrease owing to natural lighting throughout the office space. By eliminating dividing walls, your furniture costs are also kept at a low.

Employee productivity is open plenty distractions in an open setting. People talk too loudly and disturb concentration, and private phone calls may not be so private. A lot of time can be lost due to these issues. Although networking and collaboration occur easily in this space, off-topic discussions cut into work time. Introverted workers may also feel weary and stressed by being in close proximity to their coworkers for the entire day.

Which Setup Best for You?

Private office spaces and open workspaces both offer advantages and disadvantages, and what may work for another business may not work for you. You can mix both concepts into your office design. Some businesses use this layout to control the advantages of private and open spaces, such as using a large communal area lined with conference rooms and phone booths. The commercial real estate arrangements are able to adapt according to current needs and requirements of a company, with the option for alterations in the future.  

You have convincing arguments for choosing your office environment. The dynamics of your workforce, the nature of your business and your budget all influence your ultimate decision. Seek out advice from your employees and carefully consider their thoughts on the matter. Their preferences may turn out to be quite different from your office vision.

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