Every office needs a meeting place and your office meeting place is the place where ideas are born, brands are created, teams are built and vital decisions are made that affect the course of your company. With such a crucial space for your business, it is important to ensure that you are taking full advantage of your space and designing your meeting space to propel your business forward to new heights.

There are many ways to transform your boring old meeting space into a modern and super-effective creation zone. There are many aesthetic changes you can make such as furniture and lighting however take it a step further and integrate glass walls and doors to create a truly open concept meeting place that allows ideas to flow at an incredible pace. Studies show that open concept designs for your office will improve brainstorming and idea generation by removing the closed-in feeling that can come from being “trapped” in four walls. Additionally, your team will benefit from the natural light that comes pouring in to the room. Of course you will want to provide a sound barrier to prevent disruptions to other sections of your office though.

A new concept that has been taking over commercial office spaces across the country is fun and playful meeting areas. These new type of meeting spaces break away from the traditional office spaces with a few standard chairs, table, monitor or TV screen and some motel artwork. Instead, these more playful concepts integrate everything from game tables to funky colourful chairs and abstract artwork on the walls (sometimes even artwork that has been created by the team themselves). By incorporating games and team-building activities into the meeting room you are introducing fun, yet competitive and group building activities that can help strengthen your team and foster new ideas. The reason this works soo well is that it takes your employees out of the standard box that they are usually in while completing day to day operations. They are able to “let loose” a bit and have some fun while still staying focused on the task of developing, creating and planning as a team.

Another way to maximize your meeting rooms and meeting spaces in your office is to create “town hall” seating. Essentially you would setup more than just your standard table and surrounding chairs. In this scenario you would install other types of furniture such as loungers, couches, and square multi-seat pieces of furniture that mix comfort with capability to seat the entire team.

There has been great success with this style of seating even outside of the meeting room, with furniture strategically placed throughout the office to provide spaces for more impromptu and casual meetings where employees can take a few minutes to sit and discuss or hash out some solutions to overcome obstacles or achieve objectives and create and executable plan.

The most important thing you can do to maximize your office meeting rooms or spaces is to keep it comfortable. This benefits both your clients who visit as well as your employees. When your team is comfortable they are more at ease to let the ideas flow and they are able to focus more on developing and producing rather than adjusting their seat for a more comfy position.

There are tons of new and modern office furniture options and pieces available today outside of the traditional box. Take some time to view the options available for your commercial office space in Ottawa and you will be able to create the perfect team-building, idea-producing and revenue-increasing meeting space for your staff and business.