An office plays a critical role for companies and having a centralized point to meet as a team to collaborate, discuss and develop is a core part of building a successful company. While many teams can work remotely, there are some significant benefits to having a physical office space in Ottawa where your team can meet everyday to produce, develop and close deals. Additionally, your office space is where clients and potential clients can meet to discuss projects with your team and review progress of ongoing projects etc.

With all of the benefits of an office in Ottawa, there are ways to take your business to the next level by creating an office space that is very inclusive of your staff and clients. Your office becomes part of your corporate culture and can be designed in a way to foster and promote new ideas and productivity if everyone on your team feels like they belong. Here are some ways to build an inclusive office space in Ottawa.

Create an Office Space for Collaboration

You want your team to work together and build strong bonds that can increase productivity. Allow your team to play a role in suggestions for office furniture, artwork, equipment etc. and they will feel some ownership at work over the design of the place they will spend a large amount of time each day. This will make them feel comfortable and included which will make them more productive as your office space will now be much more than just a source of income – it will become a place of inclusion.

Take some time to design and setup collaborative spaces where team members can hold meetings in an inclusive environment. Choosing the right chairs and table shape for example can encourage team members to utilize these spaces for periods of time to discuss ideas and share concepts in an efficient and productive manner. Creative spaces are something that top talent will be looking for when joining an organization as they will want to work in an office space that allows their creativity and innovation to flow and be harnessed to develop great strategies, ideas and solutions.

Make Your Office Accessible and Easy to Navigate

Signage and posters can play a critical role in your office space and building an inclusive environment. Posters with inspirational sayings will help develop your company culture along with signage indicating designated rooms, offices and pathways. Especially in the case of new employees, having signage indicating where things are and how to get there can help them transition and integrate into your company because it will reduce feelings of being lost. Of course for small offices the focus can be placed more on decorative art and posters that represent your company culture but for larger offices where it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle, this type of signage can be very positive for your business.

Furthermore, it is important to consider accessibility for people in wheelchairs or individuals who have trouble walking or standing for long periods of time. You will encounter employees, colleagues, clients and more with all different forms of accessibility needs and the more inclusive your office space for all individuals then the better environment you will create for everyone. This can lead to a much more productive and inclusive business if everyone is on the same playing field and has been considered equally.

When it comes to creating the perfect inclusive office space in Ottawa there are many things you can do and the most important is to involve your team as they are the primary people you are trying to build your company culture around. Overall it can take a lot of work but the process of getting there can be a great team building exercise in itself.