There are tons of discussions going around about the rise of the freelance employees in the workplace. Whether it is because of the current entrepreneurial culture, free-floating career plans or work-life balance, there seem to be increasingly more people choosing a freelance lifestyle at work.

Baby Boomers are switching into new stages of their careers, which is driving some activity. But the Millennial generation is taking a new direction on how they manage their careers. They look to the many benefits of a more conformable work-style including a profound sense of achievement as projects reach their conclusion, the ability to control their work hours, and comfort of working from home.

How do you sustain this pop-up employee mentality along with the consistency of your staff, continuousness of business and controlled compensation budget?

Many say the idea is to maintain a suitable mix in your employee population of freelance and permanent associates. But there are other ways to offer the perks of being a pop-up employee while maintaining a permanent staff.

Celebrate the end of one project before beginning a new one.

There are more times than we can count when we begin a new project or assignment before completing the current one. We miss the opportunity to recognize the achievements of the teams and its members. This a benefit of being a freelancer; you feel extremely good when the work is done, and then you can advance to the next project with a fresh mindset.

Employers can easily intermix this behaviour in their staff by allowing them to celebrate their accomplishments before throwing the next one onto them.

Interchange teams and team member roles.

Part of the attraction of being an employee on demand is that you have the opportunity to collaborate with different people each time, and often take on various roles on different projects.

Employers can work this feature into their company’s culture by swapping teams for each project and assign different tasks to each employee to accomplish each time. A new combination of skills and talents might boost development and eliminate the customary routine that many employees feel in their work.

Offer various workspaces and locations.

Freelance specialists also remark on the attractiveness of working in different environments, including from their own homes.

It is easy for employers to imitate, as well. As an alternative to having one large open space, integrate distinctive styles into the design of the office. Set out large areas for group tasks and meetings, and individual sections or quiet rooms to provide a more secluded setting. Allow employees to select their preferred environment each day, so they can maintain some feeling of inspiration.

There is much to be gained by adopting the pop-up employee spirit. Your teams may grow more loyal, and their energy will be boosted as they tackle each situation as if it were brand new.

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