The first step to find commercial properties is to select the correct property type and location for your business, or if you are an investor, define your investment criteria. As soon as you have established these characteristics, your search can begin.

There are several prominent real estate websites which you can use for searching commercial properties. Specialized agents and brokers often have professional certifications or pay for these services and will likely have access to material that may not be readily available to the public.

If there aren’t any available listings of properties that suitable for you and your business, other search options would include driving through areas in search of for lease or sale signs. Additionally, if a property is not listed for sale or lease, the option may be available for you to contact the owners of the property to see it might be available for sale or lease.

Generally, the search for commercial property can be exhausting for many people. So, you would find that most knowledgeable buyers, sellers, and business operators appoint specialized real estate agents and brokers to facilitate the process. Persons who are new to the commercial market may fail to realize that there is no out-of-pocket cost to work solely with a buyer’s agent to represent them and their welfares in the purchase or lease.

A buyer’s agent is certified by the state to represent a person on the purchase or lease of property, owing the buyer a fiduciary obligation. A fiduciary obligation is one that is based on trust. The agent owes their client a certain level of skill and care, discretion, conscientiousness, disclosure, and trustworthiness.  It may be wise to consider that if a property is listed with an agent or broker, the commissions will be paid whether you opt to hire a buyer’s agent or not. So, it would make the most sense to appoint someone to stand for you and your best interests.

A well-informed commercial agent is not only well acquainted with the local market and what is accessible for lease or purchase, but they can also provide assistance to a buyer or tenant regarding understanding significant characteristics of a property, and help the buyer or tenant make a knowledgeable decision in advance of making an offer to purchase or lease the property. They may also choose to negotiate a lease or purchase agreement in the best interests of the buyer or tenant, assist in safeguarding financing, and provide a list of probable vendors (electricians, attorneys, carpenters, etc.).  Primarily, buyers and tenants may work with agents who will be fully-representing them during the real estate process. Consequently, it would be a wise option to pursue the assistance of a commercial leasing or sales expert when looking for commercial real estate.

Fortunately, Metcalfe Realty has several capable agents who specialize in selling, leasing, and purchasing of a variety of commercial properties, including office, retail, and storage. Our agents are not only well-informed about commercial real estate, but they are also more than willing help you find the finest space for your business.

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