You are ready to start your new business and need some place to settle down and set up shop. Or you have a business already but need to relocate. So what’s the first step? Is it just location and price to be considered? How does one even begin to find the right space? Now there’s no reason to get a migraine over the matter. It is not as simple a process as it may initially seem but it also isn’t complicated. Finding an office space is a big step in the life of a business for a variety of reasons. It can either help to grow the business, maintain what you may have previously had or cause business to lessen; not something anyone ever wants. There are many factors to consider, some being location, pricing, compliance, parking and lease terms. I’m here to make this process a tad bit easier.

     Obviously location is critical to a business, as it may make or break it, and so careful thought has to be put into this factor. Convenience for customers as well as staff has to be considered. One needs to consider staff as a move can greatly inconvenience them depending on where one has moved to. You wouldn’t want to have your staff having a difficult time reaching to work, that can surely lead to having to search for new employees soon after the business has moved, like moving isn’t stressful enough. The customer aspect of it is an obvious one though. If it’s difficult for your customers to reach you, they’ll find a more convenient competitor. Simple. New customers being able to find you should also be a factor.

     Pricing is an important one as anyone could guess. Of course any business wants to have low operating costs but that should not be done at the expense of quality. The rent should be reasonable but the place for that price should match the ambience your office space should give, acting as an agent of impressing potential customers. Sharing an office space with another business is also an alternative idea as it is a help with rent and using of wasted space. All costs for renting and moving should be calculated and well evaluated. Provisions should also be made for surprise costs that one wouldn’t have initially bargained for. A professional can be contacted to ensure that all bases are covered.

     There is some additional information to evaluate as well. There should be enough space in the new office to operate comfortably and facilitate possible future growth. Thinking ahead now can lead to less moving around later on. There should be enough room in the area for staff to park their vehicles along with customers without customers walking half a mile or parking in an area they consider unsafe. One should ensure lease terms are sensible and don’t put you at a disadvantage. Negotiate as necessary and read the fine print; Don’t be afraid! Another factor to consider is whether the place is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, ensuring that the disabled and physically impaired have access to your building and the necessary structures are in place.

     Moving into a new office can be a stressful time in the life of a business, but with enough good advice it should go pretty smoothly with minimum hitches. Understand that location and pricing are very important, but other factors such as parking, leasing and compliance are important factors as well. Now armed with a bit more knowledge than before, I wish you the best in your office hunting adventures!  

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