When it comes to managing efficiency in an office there are many tools and software programs that we rely on to make sure that things run smoothly in your Ottawa office space and that your team is getting more accomplished with the least amount of effort and time required. Keeping your Ottawa business running smoothly means that communication between your team has to be very efficient. There are many tools such as emails that have traditionally been helping to streamline tasks across your team or staff network however we are at the dawn of a new era that is phasing out email in a lot of cases. Email of course still very much has its place in business and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon however when you send an urgent email to a team member, it is usually lost in the shuffle because they have likely received 500 other urgent emails. When this happens things can be overlooked which creates a break in your efficiency chain and can bottle neck your staff.

In a similar way that emails have replaced hardcopy memos because they are faster and more economical, now there are new work order systems and team management systems that are phasing out email for their particular situations as well. The last few years have seen the emergence of software applications such as Slack for team management that keeps all communications grouped and lumped into categories and searchable keywords making it easier for your staff to get things done and not miss any crucial information pertaining to a project. This is a great step forward towards a smooth running office.

There are also other systems that have been developed to solve issue-specific scenarios to make office communication much better and office operations much more effective and effortless in the modern Ottawa office space. For example, let’s say that some team members in your Ottawa office want to use the projector in the meeting room. This would usually mean that an email blast has to go out to all team members asking if the projector is free or sending an email stating that the projector room is booked for a certain date and time. The email way of doing things means that everyone has to remember these dates and times to ensure that two teams don’t show up to use the projector in your Ottawa office space. A much better solution has emerged and is known as Automated Work Orders where there is a special software created for things like meeting rooms and projectors etc. that team members can “book” on your intranet and this will display a calendar with blocked off dates. This way anytime someone wants to use the meeting room and projector they can simply check the calendar on the AWO system to see if there are any work orders submitted for their desired date and time. If so, they simply choose an alternative date and time. The other benefits are that management can run reports to see how many hours the room and projector was used to get vital information about replacing projector bulbs etc. knowing the approx. lifespan of the projector.

These are just some of the benefits of an AWO system and the possibilities are endless. Essentially there could be many thins in your office that require notices or messages to be sent between team members regarding various things in the office or processes in your sales funnel that can become automated to the point that the number of people involved can be reduced tremendously to accomplish the same tasks. To see the result in action, take the above example and you’ll see that reserving the projector room using an email-based system means that 100% of the people in the office need to get an email about the room being booked or to email everyone to see if it is available. Using an AWO system only the person looking to book the room and projector would have to check the online system.

As you can see Automated Work Orders can really help improve the office operations in your Ottawa office space. Start looking around your office to see if there are things that can be improved with the help of software and then you can start looking into some web app development companies to help transform your idea from paper to reality.