You may be a freelancer aching to get out of your house in favour of a more sociable scene, an energetic startup with a growing contingent or a larger business attempting to keep the creative juices flowing– a coworking space may be the perfect option for you.

The great news is that there is a ton of shared space options to choose from; the not so great news is that selecting the best space for you can occasionally be an intimidating task. Do not worry: here are 5 questions that will help your selecting process run smoothly.

Am I looking for a hot desk, fixed desk or private office?

Coworking is not for everyone. Depending on your preferences and your budget, you must start by determining whether you would rather a hot desk, fixed desk or a private office.

Hot-desking is particularly common with freelancers. You sit beside someone new every day and it is easy on your pockets. Keep in mind though, that you will need to pack your things at the end of the day and hot-desking areas can sometimes be too full of go for some.

If you are searching for a coworking space and want to be around other creative entrepreneurs, then a fixed desk in a shared space may be a great fit. You will share workspace but still be free to keep your little comforts on your desk overnight.

Lastly, leasing a private office in a co-working hub is great for privacy and there is room for your team to collaborate. You still have all the coworking perks like, community feel and all-around innovative vibes.

What is my ideal location?

You do not want to spend hours commutes to work each morning. In addition to ease of access, you should consider the general area atmosphere that you are going for.

Now that you know a few of the questions to ask, go out and have fun hunting for your new office space.

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What is my budget?

When considering how much you are willing to spend on a desk or office, bear in mind that most prices listed exclude VAT and you will occasionally need to pay-as-you-go for access to conveniences like meeting rooms and Wi-Fi.

Who would I be sharing the space with?

When choosing everything, from fixtures to which activities to hold, coworking spaces are tailored to distinct types of professionals. For instance, Techspace caters to Fintech companies and Shed Haggerston is home for creative freelancers/small teams. You will mingle with your neighbours regularly, so be sure to think about your company culture and aesthetic.

What facilities does the space offer?

Many workspaces take care of the basics like Wi-Fi access, meeting rooms, a kitchen, breakout space and printing conveniences, but some offer fancy options like showers, bicycle storage, 24/7 access and even spaces for dogs.