Selecting your first office space can be a thrilling and challenging venture for you and your business. Though the experience may be overwhelming for you, it is very important that you focus on making the best decisions for you, your company, your employees and your clients or customers. These decisions may make or break your company.

1. Do You Really Need the Office Space?

Modern social and technological advancements now allow us to work directly from the comforts of our homes, or from a beach chair in the Bahamas and still produce extraordinary results. Working from home provides numerous benefits, along with increased productivity. One thing you should consider is: Can my business function in such an environment? If it can, you could be saving yourself some time and extra money.

2. Location, Location, Location

It’s important to select the best location not just for your clients, but your employees as well. You need to take into consideration the distance your employees are able and willing to travel to get to work. If it’s too far away from home they may move to seek employment somewhere else. As with your clients, how far will they go to support your business?

Other questions to ask would be, Is it a good neighbourhood? What’s the parking situation? Can my employees and clients park comfortably? Is the space easily accessible?

3. Cost and Expenses

The amount of money you must spend is a major deciding factor when it comes to renting office spaces. It is best to have a budget prepared, and you must be willing to stick to it. Renting comes with plenty expenses, and you may be overwhelmed by bills if you are not prepared for them.

4. Is There Room for Growth?

Although you may be looking for a space that’s just about large enough for you and your employees, you may want to have extra space for expansion. More employees, machinery or equipment may be needed within the next 2 or 3 years of your lease.

5. What Facilities Are Nearby?

Another thing to consider is the proximity of the needed facilities to your space. It would be quite convenient to have post offices, banks and other businesses that your company may depend on, nearby. Your employees may also appreciate the fact that there’s a coffee shop next door.

6. Is the Lease Clear and Straightforward?

You need to know precisely what you’re getting and what you’re accountable for. When renting a space, you need to ensure that all provisions are clearly identified in the lease.  You don’t want to end up at the end of your lease and find that the landlord is kicking your rent up by 50%, or signing the lease over to someone else. Be sure to discuss the length and other terms of your lease with the landlord.

7. Does the Building Meet Local Regulations?

Before choosing your space, make sure that the landlord is keeping the building in compliance with local laws and regulations. Basic amenities should be offered including some level of security.

8. Who Do the Repairs?

Repairs are expensive, and depending on its magnitude, it can put your company at a disadvantage. If your landlord is in control of handling repairs, and their expenses, ensure that they are taken care of in a manner that does not inconvenience your business.

9. How Will Your Office Look?

Your office space will be one of the determining factors of what clients think about your business. You want to ensure that your space portrays the image you want it to. You can control this by the building you select and your ability to renovate or customize the space. Some landlords may not allow you to paint or knock down walls, so be sure to discuss that before signing the lease.

10. Should You Consult an Expert?

After going through this list, you may think that the process of renting a new office space may be too overwhelming for you. If you do, you can contact Metcalfe Realty and they can make the experience a whole lot easier.

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