We clamour for everything from our workspaces, these days. We want adjustability, solitude, warmth, and personality. We want eating areas, napping areas and play areas. We need our spaces to be everything, so much that we forget their main purpose:  thoughtful, fruitful work. How can you create a workspace where real work happens? The following tips will help make any workspace feel effortlessly yours and will kindle your most inventive notions.

Look For Productivity Clues In The Mirror

Trends come and go, but one piece of advice that still has bearing and produces substantial results is to design your space the way you would want to design yourself. The clothes that you wear and your personal effects sat a lot about what kind of workspace you need. What accessories do you carry everywhere? If you walk around with a diary full of to-do lists, then you need a large white board on your wall.

Put Your Ears To Work

If you share an open workspace, you are most likely accustomed to working with earbuds. Research has shown that listening to music boosts productivity and creativity. If your work involves quick bursts of energy then find music that is suitable for that activity.

Find Reasons To Move

Productivity often involves creating enjoyable conversations with clients and colleagues. Arrange your seating in such a way that requires you to stand up and move out of your main work area. This will make your guests feel important and increase your blood-flow, and possibly aid your productivity. To rouse communication, place comfortable chairs at tilted, welcoming angles. Straight and perpendicular lines can make spaces feel standoffish to your guests.

Do Not Allow Windows To Distract You

Everyone loves a beautiful view, but in a workspace, pleasing panoramas are most times a major distraction. If possible, arrange your seating so that they are turned away from the windows. Keeping the blinds half closed also works.

Pick A Colour Scheme To Match Your Work

Use colours to your advantage. Blue and green colours bring calm, and recent research suggests that workspaces that use these colours can improve efficiency and focus. New discoveries suggest yellow tone stimulate creativity and perhaps evokes the productive urgency of the sun.

The most productive workspace is a space where you can feel relaxed and self-assured. Everyone knows that feeling of comfort we get when we lose ourselves in our favourite song, or that jolt of confidence when we are wearing our finest outfit. Fashion a workspace that fills you with those feelings every day. Your greatest ideas will surely follow.

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