Choosing to rent out office space for business is a great idea, but you should never get talked into renting any old space. You need to take seven things into consideration first.

1) Ottawa office space is an expense write-off although it is an expense. Do you need the space? There are quite a few professionals who work well from their home or a partner’s office. While this may seem like the perfect solution, there are many benefits to setting up your business in an office including creating a more stable and professional image for your company, creating a separation from work and home as well as providing a central place for your team and clients to meet and accomplish your business objectives.

2) What amenities will you need? Is it just you? Do you have a staff to consider? Is the office space close by to other places you visit on a daily basis for business? Things like that you will need to check on with Metcalfe Realty. You can also do a Google search under “office space leasing Ottawa” or “rent commercial space Ottawa”. These two Google searches should give you some good resources to look at.

3) You need to crunch the numbers before you move out of your home office. Are you able to afford the space without putting your company into debt? Many young professionals do not consider this aspect, and then they go into debt without realizing it. While it is an additional cost, you will be able to attract far more business by the professional presence of an office as well as having a central place for customers to visit that is designed to conduct your business. Additionally, there are storage benefits for your products, equipment and files.

4) You need to account for every expense in the initial budget. The rent is just part of the deal. You will have other expenses you need to pay for as well such as internet etc. which are often not included in many offices. Of course there are many that do have things like internet included so factor these items into your decision making when choosing an Ottawa office space.

5) You need to go over the leasing agreement with a fine-tooth comb. Do not take the landlord’s word for it. Landlords have a tendency to lie when it suits their purpose. Make sure everything is included and outlined in the agreement before signing. It will be your word against theirs, and that is a game you will not win easily.

6) Get some help from an expert. Your Google search under “rent commercial space Ottawa” and “office space leasing Ottawa” will come in handy here. These searches can bring up some results on legal counsel. You will need legal advice to go through this process. You do not want to go through this alone.

7) Some offices do not exactly come “as advertised”. You need to find out the exact condition before signing your lease. Does space need improvements? Are you responsible for those improvements? It is better to find out now.

You can get in touch with an office space expert at Metcalfe Realty online by clicking here. We will assist you with any questions you have regarding choosing the perfect office space in Ottawa for your business.